Monday, June 27, 2005


One of my friends was describing what monsoon offers to people like me who are single and waiting for the time to strike..I have same to say for others like me on the same ship ..
"The monsoon has just started. The greenery is back and has induced a spark in life. Noting more romantic than a rainy day, drenched clothes, hot coffee and a wet and shivering girl by your side. Beautiful girls running for cover from the rains and muscular boys following in pursuit. There are abundant opportunities for the initiated and I am taking full toll of the rains here. The other day I had an encounter with a lady whom I had asked for directions without knowing that she was out there looking for "victims". For some reason something clicked, we made eye contact and
then in an instant all was back to normal. Society with all its
hypocrisy had taken over and we overcame our emotions to go separate ways. Do not let the monsoon's go waste...."