Sunday, September 30, 2007

The German schooling

We live in a small flat world, but people in different countries was brought up in different ways. My German friend was telling me how the education system was works in Germany. Its really different from what we see in India, if we had German system in India I would not have got my degree yet. As after primary school(the first 4 years), the Germans have 4 entirely different secondary schools. And how you go there is totally dependent on the children's ability as understood by their teachers. The brightest in primary end up in Gymansium , and they get trained for a university degree. The average performers end up in realschule, where they would take apprenticeship. And those who got really bad marks would end up in Hauptschule, where they get lots of practical training. The germans do have Gesamtschule , were pupils can shift bettween diffrent schools and every since its introduction in 60's this was controversial.
But if you could do good marks in Hauptschule you can go to a Gymansium but would take more number of years to do your university degree. If I were a german, probably I would have ended up in Hauptschule as I was doing pathetic in primary school, I was avery in secondary, and above average in higher secondary. So I would be still studying my degree course. Its been said that british destroyed our traditional education system based on temples and mosques, but its now doing good to millions of Indians.


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