Friday, January 27, 2006


Can you stamp a star ?

I am asking about the real star ?
Yea you can.. see this

Aura ..

Venice in LA

Never heard that ..yea there is a venice beach in Los Angeles. It has Gondalas as in Italy.

The beach is wonderful, it has an open gym !! if you got little more muscles than every one come over and show it off!! ..but most of them doesnt waste time like that ..they do what others show off for.

Singpore story

I wonder how this country with about 600 sq km ..(30X20km).. is one of worlds most prosperous nations. I shows if you are in right time at right place body can stop you. Yea its position and increasingly globalized south east asian economy is boon to this small nation which thrives on just business and make it clear to every one "size doesn't matter".

Stuck in tokyo..

Always hear every thing happens reverse in JAPAN we all call it a JAPAN of them is that what i heard ..if we take loan and spend in Japan get reduction and when you try to save loose mone. And I was had to halt in japan more than 12 hours ..but yea met lots of people about 40 airplanes were stuck and had a good time all around roaming :)
Thanks to singapore airlines