Sunday, September 30, 2007

The German schooling

We live in a small flat world, but people in different countries was brought up in different ways. My German friend was telling me how the education system was works in Germany. Its really different from what we see in India, if we had German system in India I would not have got my degree yet. As after primary school(the first 4 years), the Germans have 4 entirely different secondary schools. And how you go there is totally dependent on the children's ability as understood by their teachers. The brightest in primary end up in Gymansium , and they get trained for a university degree. The average performers end up in realschule, where they would take apprenticeship. And those who got really bad marks would end up in Hauptschule, where they get lots of practical training. The germans do have Gesamtschule , were pupils can shift bettween diffrent schools and every since its introduction in 60's this was controversial.
But if you could do good marks in Hauptschule you can go to a Gymansium but would take more number of years to do your university degree. If I were a german, probably I would have ended up in Hauptschule as I was doing pathetic in primary school, I was avery in secondary, and above average in higher secondary. So I would be still studying my degree course. Its been said that british destroyed our traditional education system based on temples and mosques, but its now doing good to millions of Indians.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

How Ben Bernanke affect our Life's ?

Ben, who is chairman of United States Federal Reserve is hottest man in all financial news at present as he brought down .5% of Fed's, interest rate for lending as reason he quoted as "global financial losses have far exceeded even the most pessimistic estimates of the credit losses on these loans". And the loans what he meant was sub prime crisis, it was all about not letting the housing bubble burst. The real estate prices in US was ever high, and banks started lending money to people with out looking at their credit history at a high interest rate. And banks became short of money or for some other reason they started pulling money from other funds and banks around the world. And soon there was a turbulence in the market about if the money lend ed would come back as customers are finding really difficult to pay it back. This uncertainty troubled almost all of the financial institutions as nobody had an idea of how much money has gone into these loans. And also, because people are paying a lot of their earning to these loans, the consumer confidence came down affecting the whole economy. This added to the turbulence, and people started pulling out their money from shares and started investing on blue chips. And also because of these intrest rate cuts, the fears are more about weakening of dollar and inflation. And currency carry trade on boom, dollar value is still decreasing.

With US still topping as single largest importer of the world, and the value of Dollar coming down. Those businesses which are depended on US is getting affected. I am sure this years hike, is not going to like last year.

Is it going to affect us over in India ?. I am sure its not, as we have the fourth largest GDP by purchasing power parity and growing at above 9% figures. Money coming more from Banking,Aviation, Telecom, Automotive and growing about 30 % compared to what people think is IT which is growing at slower pace. But those in IT, watch out, if we are slow in going up the value pyramid we are are soon going to be pulled down.


Friday, September 21, 2007

What it takes to manage transport ?

What if one day, you could use a smart card and travel around India. You use multiple modes, be it Rail, Bus, Air, Taxi or even an Autorickshaw. Huh...Is that possible ? We have 1.136 billion people. Yes smart card is smart enough to store all details about the person including how much credit he has in his card and every time he swipes it, he credit comes down .
But will it be viable enough to leave it that loose ?. Somebody needs to centrally manage it. Who is going to do it ?. Now if you ask why really we need it, its because we have multiple vendors catering from the most spread of autorickshaw drives till the most organized like Airlines or Rail. And if somebody doesnt keep track of all those transactions, the fraud is knocking the door. Dont ever dream any central organization can track transactions even if a percent of our population travels every day.
But what if we could track it. What are the returns out of that ?
Yes ease of use for customer. But for what ?. All are happy with Cash or Credit cards.
We mean business here. Its savings for the transport company. Its the costly fuel which is saved. Its intelligent means to allocate more mechanisms of travel in routes where we see lots of traffic, its how we should reduce Jams. Its about understanding people's need of how they want to commute. Its about fleet management.
So let says somebody comes forward in 2020 to do this kind of business. Probably then all autorickshaw would have some kind of handheld devices which get tracked by GPS and passes on the trasaction details to central server. And somebody is tracking where you are travelling. You cannot afford to hide.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Web Portal

These days, I am understanding the world of portals, deluged by the technology involved, from load balancing, authorization, authentication, presentation, business logic, content store and integration. I have always loved the hardware part micropartitioning, symmetrical multithreading, IP spraying, virtualization, storage arrays. Oh my god, I am diving into many things and I am lovin it :)