Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sambal udang, sotong ..Otak Otak

Ever wonder how I could understand that text ??
This is what I eat every day and Malaya Bahasa(Malaysian Language) is written in English alphabets.

And what is Sambal ? Its kind of chili paste or something, Xtra hot material and udang should be Prawns and sotong would be Squid ( Thanks to the hotel breakfast every day I have which has pointers). Its all about fish here. Yea Nasi Lemak (Malaysian coconut rice) is basic food you can have in here.
I would say most of malay food is the perfect, well experimented or well thought about combination of Indian and chineese food.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


For getting to eat what I like, getting to see lot of greenary around, getting the sunrays direct to my face I wake up every day in KL .
This city boasts of lots of things from the fastest train in south east Asia to the talled twin towers in the world. I was lucky to experiance both. It has the best roads I have seen in this world and one of the best public transport systems.

I love this country for the kind of food that people eat here. Its a perfect blend of indian and chinese food. And the abundance of sea food make it the best for me.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Celebrate Onam when your are abroad and alone ?

Onam is coming near, and this world of professional nomads, many like me could be strangled in some part of world where you find yourself alone, away from others malayali's, not even one online on chat :(.
Yes onam is a festival which should be celebrated along with your family, in your house along with other who share joy in celebrating this festival. Onam is another important reason for malayali to come and meet their family, have couple of days away from work, eat typical mallu food. Onasadya, onakodi, onakali, oonjaal (the swing), athappoo and many more are part and parcel of this festival.

But what should others do, who are away from their family and working in odd timezone.
1.First thing that I would do is to find others like me in the city where I am, I am rest assured that there will be some one like me. Use google or any another social networking site to do so.Try to organize a meeting with all so that we could have dinner or lunch together and share of onam, may be on same day or nearest weekend.
2.Looking into fundamentals of this festival, its all about enjoying the hard work we have done (harvest festival, ofcourse we no more do paddy cultivation) , make sure that you spend enough that we really enjoy the day.
3.Never forget your family this day. Make sure you call your home, close relatives and friends this day. This is a very good reason why you should call them.
4.Make sure that you take atleast one of your colleagues to a nearest indian restaurant, and try sharing your experiences about Onam and Keralam.
5.Try doing something creative, may be you never get some flowers to make attaapoov, may be write a creative happy onam mail and send it across to all your friend.
6.Make this opportunity to do some more shopping, may be a set of new dress :), if Mr maveli comes this way, let him be happy that his praja is always happy.

Eat good food , wear the best dress, play hard and work less on Onam day


Thursday, August 03, 2006

I got my license again !!

I remember as if its yesterday, when I bunked classes to take my Driving License. I was happiest person when I got it. I used it about 5 years after which I lost along with my purse, credit card 2 years ago. I filed a complaint in local Regional Transport Office for a duplicate, but I was annoyed to hear that the page with my license entry was missing from the register. Oops ..there is no way out. I rode by new bike almost two years without license (I took that risk as I already have a license as from the number I had). I took a new one last week :) and happy to ride confidently in Bangalore roads .


Monday, July 24, 2006

Should software firms block social networking sites ?

In recent past we see lot of activity in social networking using websites. The sites like orkut, hi5 , Yahoo 360, MySpace are few in this sphere. People check less of mails or post less of blogs, but they make it sure that they log in into one of these site and check for new friends or communicate with the old ones often.
  1. But is this activity increasing to the level that it needs to be blocked so that the normal buisiness is not affected ?

My opinion would be no. Its managements responsibility that people are connected socially. And when you work a lot and you are mostly near your computer and connected to internet there is no better way that these networking sites.
I use lot of Orkut, it helps me manage my friends, find old/new friends, get to know about people, above all that make best use of extra time.
Hope there is a time when you can find every one in this world in networks like these, the world open and every one is reachable as in case of Orkut.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

How Supply Chain software are made ?

Last four months I saw how supply chain software are made as I was working with one of the majors in the domain.
You make click on a website, add the product to cart and click it to buy what you want and it reaches you in days.
  1. What really happens under the hood?
  2. Where exactly the products come from ?
  3. How do they manage all this ?
  4. Where do they get the products from ?
  5. How do the run the business so efficiently ?
  6. How many request comes in a day ?
  7. How do the intract with the transportation company ?
  8. Do they really have some warehouses or product comes from the company where they manufacture those ?
  9. How complex is the software involved ?
  10. What on earth is RFID ?
  11. To what level things are automated ?
  12. How do they handle money ?
  13. How do they handle shipments ?
Yea I got a shady picture about these questions . Suppy chain management is really a complex area to venture into.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Its Published

Developing PHP Applications for IBM Data Servers

Click here for viewing the abstract


Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Book in draft

I never thought I would be a published author. Thanks to IBM :). Do see the draft copy of the book in here

I had a great team of another 4 authors It was nice working with diverse people . Holger was from Germany, Piotr from Poland, Daniel and Whei-jen from USA . I have snap of the team (we took this picture before Almaden.)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Was reading some works of Tagore..he is really inspiring..he won nobel prize for literature , was dramatist,eassayist , painter and composer of songs ..
typing some words he have written ..the depth of his writtings are immense..

The eternal Dream
Is borne on the wings of ageless Light
that rends the view of the vague
and goes acorss time
weaving ceaseless patterns of Being

The mystrery remains dumb,
the meaning of this pilgrimage,
the endless adventure of existence
whose rush along the sky
fames up into innumerable rings of paths,
till at last knowledge gleams out from the dusk
in the infinity of human spirit,
and in the dim lighted dawn
she speechlessly gazes through the break in the mist
at the vision of Life and of Love
rising from the tumult of profound pain and joy.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Why India ?

I was getting confused with recuring question of "WHY USA ?" ..came across the Newsweek cover story about India. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I am living in the right place for the 21st century. As said in the journal ..its messy, raucous and fast growing . By 2040 India will be come third largest economy.India is the second favorite spot to invest in the world. But its growing in a bottom up fashion compared to China , where almost every thing is fast ,organized and guided by the government. Yes India grows when government is sleeping . I wonder why not give government some vacation ? Why are they for ?. But yes Indias companies are better managed and better efficient, the credit goes to the new companies the new management, the new era of industrialization. India is biggest market, the personal spending on GDP is 67% with only USA leading with 70%. No wonder why companies both MultiNational and National is making an average of 20% growht in profits !!
Its strangled by the poor, massively inefficient and corrupt public sector and shackled and over regulated private sector ? Is our mixed economy doing any good for us ? India had higher GDP than china in early 60's and its now less than a half of it.Female literacy of 54% and 124/177 of UN Human Development Index. Yes India is a demoracy but is largely ruled by organized minorities rather than majorites. These minorites are landowner , mafia , local busisness people . Its shamefult that 1/5th of MP's are accused of some crimes. Dear prime minister , we want faster reforms , stricter guidelines for growth. Growth needs to penetrate the lower layers and only faster and forceful reforms can induce changes to the lower layers

Aura :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

DB2 is free !! to Test, Develop and Deploy

I feel really proud that the software I worked, I evangelised, I contributed, I learned, I helped, I free to use for the masses ..!!...

Aura :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Kodak theater

Los Angeles
Originally uploaded by kiranh.
This is where the OSCARS happen ..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


This is the best office you can have in this world. Almaden is everything for IBM, Its where most of the IBM technologies were invented. On top of hill, serene enough that you can never think about the bad things in life. ARC as its known is where the best people in IBM works, and you can see around in the corridor photos of IBM fellows , Nobel Laureates, ACM fellows ...ahaa ..I wat some body I know personally up there ..Do you dare ?

But yes I have some freinds in Almaden and I can only pray their phots comes up there..

Cafetaria is awesome ..working in IBM and never had a IBM burger ? come to Almaden . Yes it was tasting good least I can say i have eaten what researchers in IBM eat :)

Friday, January 27, 2006


Can you stamp a star ?

I am asking about the real star ?
Yea you can.. see this

Aura ..

Venice in LA

Never heard that ..yea there is a venice beach in Los Angeles. It has Gondalas as in Italy.

The beach is wonderful, it has an open gym !! if you got little more muscles than every one come over and show it off!! ..but most of them doesnt waste time like that ..they do what others show off for.

Singpore story

I wonder how this country with about 600 sq km ..(30X20km).. is one of worlds most prosperous nations. I shows if you are in right time at right place body can stop you. Yea its position and increasingly globalized south east asian economy is boon to this small nation which thrives on just business and make it clear to every one "size doesn't matter".

Stuck in tokyo..

Always hear every thing happens reverse in JAPAN we all call it a JAPAN of them is that what i heard ..if we take loan and spend in Japan get reduction and when you try to save loose mone. And I was had to halt in japan more than 12 hours ..but yea met lots of people about 40 airplanes were stuck and had a good time all around roaming :)
Thanks to singapore airlines