Sunday, September 03, 2006

Celebrate Onam when your are abroad and alone ?

Onam is coming near, and this world of professional nomads, many like me could be strangled in some part of world where you find yourself alone, away from others malayali's, not even one online on chat :(.
Yes onam is a festival which should be celebrated along with your family, in your house along with other who share joy in celebrating this festival. Onam is another important reason for malayali to come and meet their family, have couple of days away from work, eat typical mallu food. Onasadya, onakodi, onakali, oonjaal (the swing), athappoo and many more are part and parcel of this festival.

But what should others do, who are away from their family and working in odd timezone.
1.First thing that I would do is to find others like me in the city where I am, I am rest assured that there will be some one like me. Use google or any another social networking site to do so.Try to organize a meeting with all so that we could have dinner or lunch together and share of onam, may be on same day or nearest weekend.
2.Looking into fundamentals of this festival, its all about enjoying the hard work we have done (harvest festival, ofcourse we no more do paddy cultivation) , make sure that you spend enough that we really enjoy the day.
3.Never forget your family this day. Make sure you call your home, close relatives and friends this day. This is a very good reason why you should call them.
4.Make sure that you take atleast one of your colleagues to a nearest indian restaurant, and try sharing your experiences about Onam and Keralam.
5.Try doing something creative, may be you never get some flowers to make attaapoov, may be write a creative happy onam mail and send it across to all your friend.
6.Make this opportunity to do some more shopping, may be a set of new dress :), if Mr maveli comes this way, let him be happy that his praja is always happy.

Eat good food , wear the best dress, play hard and work less on Onam day


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Anonymous said...

So what day is Onam on anyway?