Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Book in draft

I never thought I would be a published author. Thanks to IBM :). Do see the draft copy of the book in here

I had a great team of another 4 authors It was nice working with diverse people . Holger was from Germany, Piotr from Poland, Daniel and Whei-jen from USA . I have snap of the team (we took this picture before Almaden.)



Govind V said...

This is special for me.I have read all ur blogs. Its kinda funny when you meet somebody who had studied ( 18 yrs before) in the school you are studying now.
The funny part is.... I am an aspiring writer.( Though I don't know if IBM-published books deal with the content I have in mind)
That makes 2 things in common btween us.
Hi and bye
PS: School has a changed a lot now. .... A lot.

Govind V said...

Hey! Then do you knw Balachandran aka Unni. He must have been ur batch.
My email id is: I did get an invitation for Orkut but its terms said I've got to be 18 yr old. So i turned it down.
Do mail me (if u r not busy, that is)
By the by, danx for the encouragement.
Sure, I will read more books.

As far as school goes- our madam's backbone is broken. So, she won't be able to come to school anymore if not in a trolly. Her daughters have now unofficially taken over the school. Many of those taboo things such as breakdance are now being allowed in school programmes.