Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Why India ?

I was getting confused with recuring question of "WHY USA ?" ..came across the Newsweek cover story about India. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I am living in the right place for the 21st century. As said in the journal ..its messy, raucous and fast growing . By 2040 India will be come third largest economy.India is the second favorite spot to invest in the world. But its growing in a bottom up fashion compared to China , where almost every thing is fast ,organized and guided by the government. Yes India grows when government is sleeping . I wonder why not give government some vacation ? Why are they for ?. But yes Indias companies are better managed and better efficient, the credit goes to the new companies the new management, the new era of industrialization. India is biggest market, the personal spending on GDP is 67% with only USA leading with 70%. No wonder why companies both MultiNational and National is making an average of 20% growht in profits !!
Its strangled by the poor, massively inefficient and corrupt public sector and shackled and over regulated private sector ? Is our mixed economy doing any good for us ? India had higher GDP than china in early 60's and its now less than a half of it.Female literacy of 54% and 124/177 of UN Human Development Index. Yes India is a demoracy but is largely ruled by organized minorities rather than majorites. These minorites are landowner , mafia , local busisness people . Its shamefult that 1/5th of MP's are accused of some crimes. Dear prime minister , we want faster reforms , stricter guidelines for growth. Growth needs to penetrate the lower layers and only faster and forceful reforms can induce changes to the lower layers

Aura :)