Friday, August 19, 2005

db2 disconnect DB2DDC

I am moving to "Lab Services Team" for "Websphere Portal Server" inside India Software Labs.

As a fresher, I was inquisitive about most of things that can happen in Software Industry, fortunately or unfortunately I am still like that. These 2 years have been fantastic , with wonderful people and state of the art technology around. I feel proud that, I have seen the usage of what ever I have learned in college, call it operating system concepts/ data management/ compiler and theory of computation and what not. I think "Databases Management Systems" is only technology that uses all aspects of Theoretical Computer Science.

And one was answered the first day by "Krishnan". The question was "How fast I need to type letters in keyboard ?". Peeping into his computer screen, saw him logging into "Lotus Notes", couldn't count how many letter's he typed in a second. Never knowing the number of characters displayed in password screen is not proportional to the letters typed.

I owe a lot to two people, who has been my friend, guardian, mentor, team lead, guide...., and they are "Prasad" and "Suma",

I feel proud that, I have made more friends than colleagues. And all I take back with me is that.

I thank my management, for being with me all the time and understanding my career aspirations.

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